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How We Got Here

You know how some people bought puppies during the pandemic lockdown(s)? We bought a whole farm - go big or go home!!

My husband, Paul, and I both grew up on horse farms, so this isn't that story of folks who had no idea what they were getting into. I think those folks are 'city slickers'. But to say we knew what we were getting into is still grossly misleading! The learning curve was steep and, at times, somewhat relentless, but we made it through our first year on the farm. And they say the first year on a farm is the toughest right?...uh, right??

My name is Carolyn. When Paul and I bought this farm, we were just as surprised as everyone else that it happened. We're not really planners, we're more say yes and then work like crazy to make it happen. We do well with deadlines, and they don't need to be overly realistic either, apparently. It's how we came to be here with sheep, goats, cows, horses, and alpacas within 6 months of buying our farm.

What do you do with a farm property if you don't want to eat, slaughter, or sell animals, but you still want to have lots of animals? We mulled the question over for some time before one of us came up with the obvious answer, become a sanctuary and give homes to as many animals as we can! So that's our plan, take in animals, get to know them, and make them part of our farm family.

I hope you'll join us on our journey through the pictures on our website and posts on social media and on this blog where I'll share stories both past and future. There are several 'great escape' stories, we've gotten better at fencing since then!

Stay tuned.


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